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Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote 6 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Phone Tripod Stand Fit for Iphone Samsung

Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote 6 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Phone Tripod Stand Fit for Iphone Samsung

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While this innovative 6-in-1 Bluetooth selfie stick and tripod excels in elevating your selfie game and group photos, making live streaming, video blogging, and online meetings more dynamic with its detachable wireless remote, it's not the go-to for certain scenarios. Its lightweight design isn't built for the rigors of extreme sports filming or securing heavy-duty professional cameras. Nor is it intended for capturing the underwater wonders of snorkeling adventures. However, it shines in urban explorations, spontaneous road trips, intimate home gatherings, or capturing serene sunsets, offering stability and versatility for your smartphone photography, ensuring you're always ready to seize the moment beautifully and effortlessly.


How can we capture beautiful moments when my boyfriend struggles with taking photos?

No more relying on others or struggling with awkward angles. Take control and get the best shots every time!

WHY CHOOSE OUR Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick?

✅【27.5" Tall Selfie Stick tripod combo】

✅【Fast & Stable Bluetooth Remote Control】

✅【Lightweight & Duty Aluminum Extendable】

✅【Hand Held Selfie Stick Stabilizer & Detachable Fill-in Light】

【27.5" Tall Selfie Stick tripod combo 】

This Selfie Stick Tripod has you covered with our all-in-one professional combo to take your filming to next level. Perfect for selfies, group photos, adventure travel, vlogging, YouTube videos, podcasts, Facebook Live, FaceTime, Instagram, live streaming.

【Fast & Stable Bluetooth Remote Control】

Compact selfie stick with detachable wireless remote, up to 33ft/10m Bluetooth remote shutter, capture good moments with friends and records family daily life; have quick stable Bluetooth connection, Compatible with iPhone, Android phone, camera, GoPro, etc.

【Lightweight & Durable Stainless Steel Retractable】

The Selfie Stick Tripod is small and lightweight, easy to use, and portable for you to carry around.The upgraded stainless steel selfie stick can extend the length between 18-70cm for more intimate shots and wider angles, allowing you to catch more scenery in every picture, easy to carry by putting in your pocket or bag.

【Hand Held Selfie Stick Stabilizer & Detachable Fill-in Light】

The Selfie Stick Stabilizer can easily shoot stable videos with stable balance, which can reduce the shaking of your body friends or family members during the shooting process. Besides, the selfie tripod also has a fill-in light function. You can beautify your skin color and make yourself more beautiful.

Specification :

Material : ABS+Stainless steel

Maximum extendable length: 70cm/27.5in

Minimum length: 18cm/7.09in

Bluetooth maximum distance: 10 m/394 in

Weight: About 160g/180g/200g

Product size: 38*32*310-1700mm

Package contents: 1* 2022 new 6 in 1 wireless bluetooth selfie stick

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