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Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat

Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat

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Bionix Ab Wheel Roller With Knee Mat – Best Abs Exercise Equipment For Home & Gym Workout

Begin your transition to a healthier lifestyle with Gallant’s ab wheel roller with knee mat, available at the Gallant website and amazon store.

Bring bravery home, that’s the power of Gallant.

Now that you have access to our abdominal wheel ab with mat roller.

Bionix Abs Wheel Roller with Knee Mat - designed for abs training in the gym or at home!

Bionix Abdominal Exercise Roller Benefits:

Gallant abdominal exercise roller is the essential exercise equipment you need for crunches, core and abdominal workouts.

Compared to other techniques, this abdominal wheel ab with mat roller super effectively strengthens your core abdominal and other lower back muscles in the safest way that reduce the risk of injury and muscle strain.

Our Ab Wheel Can Do What 100 Sit-Ups Cannot!

Our abdominal roller engages your core muscles (from head to toe) that aid in developing bigger 6-pack abs, burning calories, increasing strength and abdominal endurance.

Gallant abs muscle trainer is basically a singular wheel with handles attached to the sides that you can roll outwards as you do regular crunches or sit-ups on the floor and has a 2 inch wide base for added stability and enhanced workout performance.

The abdominal wheel ab with mat roller is made from high-quality plastic to ensure durability and stability. The non-slip handle foam grips prevent friction, reduce hand fatigue and allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable abdominal workout.

If weight loss is your goal, choose Bionx abdominal exercise roller wheel and get rid of subcutaneous fat stored around your stomach most easily and conveniently.

It is worth noting that a pound of fat is approximately equal to 3500 calories. And, to lose a pound per week, it is recommended to lose 500 calories per day, seven days a week.

Our ab exercise roller works out a large number of muscle groups. It engages up to 20 different muscles at one time, including core, back, arms, hips, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps.

Well, this may sound like a lot of muscles for such a small piece of equipment, but our effective low-tech piece of equipment helps you cut down carbs, improve abdominal endurance, build a stronger and more stable set of abs within a few days.

Why You Should Use Gallant's Abdominal Exercise Roller Wheel?

Gallant abdominal wheel roller with knee mat has one wheel design with a long handle running through the center. The wheel is made of hard plastic for stability and movability.

  • Build Strong Abdominal Muscles And Lower Back

The single-wheel design ab roller provides the kind of stability and movability you need to feel complete confidence during your abdominal wheel fitness routine. Its outer surface is covered with TRP rubber to help prevent injuries by minimizing unexpected movements.

  • Ergonomically Designed

The handlebar of the ab wheel roller is made of solid stainless steel and can bear a maximum load of up 80KG. The ab wheel tube ends are covered with EVA cushion pads to ensure resistance, protection, comfort, stability and strong grip. The core roller wheel simple assembly and removable handles allow for compact storage and easy transport.

The abdominal wheel kit includes a 15mm wider protective thick anti-slip noise-free (NBR foam) knee pad to offer maximum protection, comfort and support to the knees. The noise-free material of the knee pad ensures no noise is made during the rolling motions.

  • Lightweight And Portable

This ab wheel with mat roller weighs only 800 grams. Its compact design allows you to use it at home or the gym.

  • For Beginners Or Experienced

Our abdominal exercise roller is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. People of all ages and groups can use this ideal ab wheel kit.


We are committed to delivering the best in class abdominal exercise roller wheel across the UK. We use quality, durable and long-lasting materials in the construction.

Shipping & Returns!

We are delivering abdominal wheel roller with knee mat free across the UK. It usually takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver the order after the dispatch. We accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

If you feel dissatisfied with our product, please return it within 30 days unused, unopened, and complete with all relevant packaging.

Caution: We don’t recommend this abs wheel roller to people with back problems.

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